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Two Tips for Improving the Copy In your Business Website

By Erin  |   Website Copywriting | Website Improvement

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If increasing sales or encouraging visitors to contact you are on your “Goals for my Website” list, you’ll need to set aside some time to review the quality of your website’s content.

It’s critical that you’re not needlessly losing customers or visitors due to simple content errors, especially when the basic ones are so easily fixed.

Tip #1: Read Aloud

An effective way to hunt for hidden text problems (silly as it may sound) is to read your site’s copy out loud to yourself. Listening to your own voice sound out your website’s text often uncovers typos, awkward sounding phrases, and confusing instructions in ways that visually-skimming the text cannot.

Tip #2: Update and/or Add Your CTAs!

As you review your site’s text, make sure you remembered to update (or add, if they’re not there) Calls To Action (CTAs). CTAs are simply statements that encourage website visitors to take action. Examples of CTAs include “Call Us for Your Free Consultation Today,” “Purchase a Shirt by December 31st to receive 30% off,” and “Book Your Reservation Now!.”

Ensuring your website contains clear Calls To Action increases the likelihood that your visitors will take an action - other than leave your site.


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