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True Story: THIS Is What Happens When You Think You Don’t Need Marketing Anymore

By Erin  |   Followbright News

true client story

After implementing an online marketing plan that boosted their traffic and leads over time, a client gave us the news in August 2012:

"We appreciate you helping us with our marketing efforts, but we’re going to pull the plug. Our website is doing great now and we’re going to start saving some money by stopping all of our Pay Per Click and SEO and online marketing efforts at this point."

“You're sure…?” I remember asking.

"Yes, we’re sure. We can’t thank you enough for all your help. Our rankings are great. Our traffic is great. Things are great. We’re just looking to save some money at this point in time.”

And so at the end of August we shut our efforts down.

We stopped our search engine optimization work, stopped all Pay Per Click advertising, stopped creating new content for the client’s website, and shelved the long list of options we'd put together for driving more qualified traffic and turning more of that traffic into leads.

Fast forward to April 2013

Out of curiosity, I recently logged in to the client’s Google Analytics account to see how their website traffic had been faring after they chose to pull the plug on all their online marketing efforts.

Below is what I saw when I logged in to their account.

drop in website traffic

I’m guessing you were able to pinpoint where the client started saving money. (And if I was here talking to you in person, you can be certain I’d have surrounded the words saving money in air quotes while smiling a sad little smile.)

A quick check-in call to the client last week confirmed they’ve noticed that, for some reason…their leads have been down, just like their traffic. And they’d come to the realization  they really do need to take action to ensure their leads keep coming in. 

So what’s next?

We'll be sitting down to discuss which online marketing and lead generation tactics would be best for them to consider. As one of their goals is to, as quickly as possible, boost the amount and quality of leads their site generates once again, we’ll be exploring the possibility of planning, creating, and integrating free offers into their website. (Hold tight—we’re about to launch a lengthy series focused completely on offers in the very near future…) We'll also be exploring a new long term search marketing plan.

In a smart move that was approved just prior to the writing of this blog post, the client has also committed to a long overdue, complete website upgrade (including the upgrading their web hosting and making the site's design responsive/optimized for mobile use).

The moral of the story, folks, is…

Unless you’ve reached a golden point (and it does exist, for some) where...

A) your website acts as an eternal spring of prospects coming out of the woodwork, driving people into madness in which they shove others out of their way, tripping over one another in order to become your clients,


B) you consistently have more clients than you can handle and have zero desire for your situation to ever change and zero doubt (gulp) that it ever will,

…the moment you begin thinking of online marketing as a temporary effort instead of a long term, ongoing investment that's inextricably linked to running a successful business…well, that’s the moment you may just possibly be in big trouble

It’s just a matter of how long it takes for you to figure it out.

And hopefully it won’t be too late.

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