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Real Results: Can you triple your traffic and leads in just 6 months? Absolutely.

By Erin  |   Online Marketing

blogging statistics

Though we specialize in designing and implementing long-term, strategic inbound marketing strategies for our clients, we'd been the shoemaker a bit too long.

It wasn't until late last year, when we finally began to do for ourselves what we do for our clients.

Explosion in Website Traffic

Since making the switch over to 100% pure inbound marketing tactics to market our own company near the end of October 2011, we've watched our traffic, leads, and sales increase to the point where we're suddenly scrambling to locate the best new talent and top new team members to cover the surge in demand. It's fantastic.

(You can experience a tremendous increase in traffic and leads, too. Let's talk about your company's goals and how we can help you reach them with inbound marketing. Or, just read on.)

Take a look at our weekly website traffic from the past year, from 8/1/11 through 8/1/12:
blogging statistics from analytics

You'll note we didn't experience a huge, sudden spike in traffic at any point in time. It took a few months for the hard work to pay off, and in January traffic started increasing noticeably.

Why didn't much happen in November or December? Because inbound marketing is a long-term, continual, gradual process that snowballs uphill over time. It's not a quick fix. It's not a one time deal.

Instead, the investment you make in month 1 snowballs uphill and is still working just as hard for you in month 10—unlike traditional marketing tactics like radio or print ads which are short term, limited life span (often one-time-then-done) investments.

Here's a different way to look at our traffic data. The chart below shows our monthly search engine traffic (also known as organic traffic, which primarily comes from Google) from November 2011 through July 2012.
Blogging Statistics

Yep. In 6 months we more than tripled our traffic from a little over 400 visits per month to roughly 1,500 visits per month—all because we invested in what we do for our clients: inbound marketing.

Even more proof

How does our current organic website traffic compare to the traffic we had prior to implementing inbound marketing for ourselves? Take a look:July vs. October

The blue dots show traffic for July 2012. The orange dots show traffic for the month of October 2011—the month prior to our first complete month of implementing inbound marketing.

Actual Numbers To further communicates the magnitude of change, here's a comparison between the months in simple numbers:

Traffic schmaffic. What about *leads*?

We've been in the business for over 10 years now. We've worked hard to get to the point where we receive a tremendous number of leads through offline referrals, online referrals, and direct traffic. A few years ago we began generating leads through social media.

So what about actual leads generated directly from our website, via our inbound marketing efforts? So glad you asked. (After all, and endless stream of website traffic that never converts to leads is meaningless.)

In terms of website leads: Our inbound marketing has more than tripled them.

Less than a year after we began a comprehensive inbound marketing plan for ourselves, we're receiving almost 1 lead/day through organic traffic alone (meaning that number doesn't count any of our many other lead sources). For a boutique agency like ours with average project prices ranging from $10k - $30k and monthly marketing plans ranging from $2k/month - $8k/month, this burst in leads has enabled us to blow past our 2012 revenue goals.

Even better? The trend of increasing traffic and leads per month continues upward.

This bar chart shows monthly leads generated by organic traffic alone (again, this isn't taking any of our many other lead sources into account). Take a look:

leads chart

So how did we triple our site's traffic and leads?

We tripled our site's traffic and leads by doing what we do for our client: crafting and implementing a custom inbound marketing strategy. We finally made time to practice what we preach—and our only regret is that we didn't start doing so earlier.

A few of the many (many) individual tactics that made up our overall inbound marketing strategy have included:

  • Strategic copywriting
  • Business blogging
  • Competitive analysis
  • Ongoing content generation
  • Valuable online offers
  • Landing pages
  • Calls to Action
  • A/B testing
  • Lead nurturing
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media
  • Brand positioning and differentiation
  • Ongoing analysis and refinement of analytical data

What if you could experience this level of success?

We've transformed what was already a successful website into a virtual lighthouse that continually attracts an increasing number of new customers to our site day after day.

And we can do the same for your website.

What would it mean to your business if your site's traffic and incoming leads tripled?

What would be different? Would it mean…

  • A larger salary?
  • Company growth?
  • The ability to put more away into retirement?
  • A new satellite office and more sales reps?
  • A new vehicle fleet?
  • More time to spend with your family?
  • Less time worrying about how to market your business?
  • The ability to invest in more research & development?
  • Better equipment?

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