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TOO MANY TIPS & TRICKS! (How to Deal With Information Overload)

By Erin  |   How To | Website Improvement

information overload

A few days ago I came across a great article by one of my favorite marketing gurus, Sean D'Souza. 

Admittedly, I was a little late to the party as the article was originally published in October 2011.  Better late than never, though—especially with this article.

Information... so... much... information... everywhere...

Here at Followbright we dedicate a good deal of time each and every week to learning new things. 

It's exciting to learn. On the other side of the coin, it can make you feel like you're always just behind the curve. After all, the more you learn, the more you realize there's oh-so-much more out there to learn.

Filling your brain with more and more
knowledge and
tips and
tricks and
recommendations and
best practices and
must-dos and
do-not-dos and
every week is downright overwhelming.

You want to apply everything you learn. Make your website better. Make yourself better.  You want to remember what you learn so you can apply it exactly at the right time, when the information is exactly what's needed in the future.

But so much falls through the cracks.

It's hard to remember everything.

It's hard to know what to pay attention to.

How are you supposed to keep everything straight in your brain, and apply what you learn most effectively?

Information that won't overload you, guaranteed.

If, like me, you ever feel frustrated or overwhelmed by information overload due to the ever-increasing volume of fascinating content being published (both in print and on the web) every single day, I highly recommend you take just a few moments of your day (or evening) to read Sean's take on dealing with too much information.

It's refreshing and calming. I think you might like it.

Read the information overload article at Sean's blog here.

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