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To Increase Website Conversions, Belly Up to the Hello Bar

By Erin  |   Business Website Tips | Website Improvement

hello bar sits at the top of your website

Sometimes getting your website's visitors to pay attention to your most important and timely content can be a challenge. (After all, your website is absolutely overflowing and jam-packed with helpful information and compelling content, right?)

On the web (as with marketing in any medium), it's a mistake to assume your prospects will take the exact actions you want them to take. That's exactly why you have to TELL them what they should do, and TELL them with intense clarity. (This isn't about being bossy; it's about being a helpful guide, pointing prospects in the right direction...)

Lucky for you and your website, there's a fantastic tool that can grab your site visitors' attention and effectively redirect it to whatever page it is you want them to see. The tool is actually a colorful, hard-to-miss-but-definitely-not-tacky horizontal bar that sits across the top of your website.

The bar is called the Hello Bar, and implementing it in your website is incredibly simple. The goal of the bar = draw in visitors' attention, instantly, and send them off to the page of your choosing.  

Care to see an example?

Here’s the Hello Bar as featured at the top of the Hello Bar website. (It's hard to miss. The big white arrow is pointing directly at it.)

hello bar in use at the hello bar website

Adding one to your site

As long as you have access to your website's code, it truly is super, super easy (and fast) to add a Hello Bar to your website.  This is all it takes:

  1. Write your message and use the Hello Bar's visual editor to choose your bar's color, font, and texture.
  2. Hello Bar will spit out a bit of code after you're done designing your bar.  Drop this code into the code of each page in which the bar should display (per Hello Bar's instructions).
  3. If you'd like, monitor click-through rates and run A/B tests to improve conversions over time.
  4. Adjust the message in your Hello Bar as needed. 

Use the Hello Bar and be in good company

Several big names use the Hello Bar on their sites, including Tim Ferriss, author of the bestseller The 4-Hour Work Week. The light blue Hello Bar at the top of his blog directs readers to the Amazon page where his visitors can purchase his most recent book.

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Eric Ries uses a black Hello Bar at the top of his site to promote recent news and important events.

Is it expensive?

The full-featured “H Pro” plan starts at $4.95/month, with the actual monthly cost depending on the number of clicks your Hello Bar receives. (Planning on getting, oh say, 2,500 clicks on your Hello Bar each month? Great! Just be aware those clicks will run you $49.95/month.)

There's also an extremely cost effective version for website developers looking to use Hello Bar across multiple websites as well as a somewhat skeletal free plan, too.

Will you be saying hello to Hello Bar?

You can use Hello Bar to sell products, draw attention to key content, alert visitors to breaking news or upcoming events, and increase conversions. It's simple, lightweight, easy to use, and works hard to tackle one the biggest challenges your website faces: effectively and reliably directing visitors to the exact location you want them to go.  

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