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Three New Projects Posted To Our Copywriting Portfolio

By Erin  |   Client Projects

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This past week we worked on updating some of our own website's content.

No, it wasn't quite as thrilling as skydiving (which we highly recommend if you've never been and are looking for some novelty or excitement). Yet there's something exceptionally fulfilling and satisfying about finishing website content work and pulling up new pages you've put together for the first time—knowing your clients and potential clients will be reading that very content (assuming, of course, you have someone helping you with an effective online marketing strategy to drive potential clients to your site).

It helps to remember this...

Our businesses and our websites are all works in progress.

If you're ever hoping for or expecting perfection that doesn't need tweaking or improving, and that works like some form of business or website Ronco Showtime Rotisserie ("Set it and forget it!") I hate to rain on your magical parade.... but you're probably going to be expecting some pretty big let downs in the future.

Just as with most websites, there's still a tremendous amount of improvement work that needs to be done on our website: content to add, content to remove, content to update.

It's a Sisyphean task, but if we understand this, and can be okay with this... we're going to be a whole lot happier. That's why it helps to think of our website content as a process that is always changing and evolving—not a "thing" that "is". 

Three new copywriting projects added...

As part of our most recent round of website content work we added three project pages to our Copywriting Portfolio.

  1. Two Octobers Project: Website copywriting for an exceptionally successful Denver marketing agency
  2. Summit Resort Group Project: Core messaging, website content audit, website content recommendations, and homepage copywriting
  3. Alpine Edge Project: Marketing copy for an upscale property management brochure

Take a look if you're curious.

No interest in learning about these copywriting projects?

That's quite alright.

Instead, in the interest of continual improvement and thinking of your site as a process, not a thing, may I suggest you perhaps take a few minutes to go through your own company's website content today?

If you do, three questions to critically consider—should you choose to accept them—dear reader, follow:

  • Is your site's content speaking directly to your potential customers (or does the site just talk about you, you, you)?  
  • Does your site's content make it clear how you're a smarter choice than from your competition (or do you just say the same things they do, like how you provide "excellent customer service" and "high quality final products")?
  • Are you offering the specific information your most profitable customers care about (or did you write your pages based on what came to mind at one point in time, and haven't strategically considered what content actually should be in your site to drive results)?

Yes? Damn, you're good.

No?  That's okay. (The person who answered yes above is probably either A) a serious, serious overachiever or B) kidding themselves.)

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss website content strategy or website copywriting any time you'd like. Planning and writing effective website content can be quite complex, no doubt about it. We're here if and when you need us.

See you next week, everyone!

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