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Three Blogging Numbers You’d Be Crazy To Ignore

By Erin  |   Online Marketing | Websites: The Basics

business blogging statistics

Blogging isn't typically considered the most glamorous of marketing methods, primarily 1) because it can't promise instant results and 2) because it requires dedicated, ongoing investments in time, energy, creativity, and money.

Just like with exercising (a great example would be starting a jogging routine), noticeable, exciting results don't happen overnight. They don't happen in a week. More often than not they don't even happen in a month. And of course, the results start to fade once commitment fades.  (Looking for some new ideas on what to blog about? Here's a great, quick tip.)

So why should your company consider blogging? How can you be certain that blogging will have any impact on your business?

Let's take a look at two extremely motivating numbers and see if they influence your feelings about the investments required to achieve meaningful results from blogging.

Traffic, traffic, and more traffic

Websites with blogs that are regularly populated with fresh, new content get more traffic than websites that don't blog regularly. Period, end of story.

In fact, companies that blog receive, on average, 55% more visitors to their websites than companies that don't blog.

blogging attracts 55% more monthly visitors

What would it mean if 55% more people were visiting your website every month?

A constant flow of incoming leads

On average, companies that regularly blog receive a whopping 77.5% more leads than companies that don't blog. The numbers do differ slightly between B2C and B2B businesses though.

B2C companies that blog, on average, generate 88% more leads each and every month vs. B2C companies that don't blog.

b2c blogging results


B2B companies that blog, on average, generate 67% more leads each and every month than B2B companies that don't blog. Though this number isn't quite as high as the exceptional 88% that B2C companies experience, I'd say that 67% more leads is still a very motivating number!

b2b blogging

Not convinced?

55% more visitors.
77.5% more leads.

It'd seem the case is pretty strong for your business to consider blogging as part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

Not sold though? Need more proof? Here's case study showing how we tripled traffic and leads through blogging in just 6 months.

If you find these numbers exciting, contact us today and let's chat about how a blog could skyrocket the amount of traffic and leads your website generates.

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