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The Wrong Words On Your Website Can Severely Impact Your Business

By Erin  |   Website Copywriting


Last December our brilliant Denver positioning and brand messaging strategist Ann wrote an absolutely fantastic blog post. In fact, it's one of our absolute favorite blog posts of 2014 and it's on the topic we're most passionate about here: increasing the effectiveness of your company's website.

Ann's entertaining and informative post shares insights she gained from an interesting source—the TV show Top Chef—on how critical it is to use the right words in your marketing.

Ann gives easy to understand examples from a recent Top Chef episode that illustrate how using the wrong words can turn off potential customers who would otherwise be a perfect fit for you and who would love what you have to offer.

Her blog post drives home how the messages and wording your website uses will either attract or deflect potential customers, regardless of how great your products or services are.

Do not miss Ann's fantastic marketing messaging blog post! We can't recommend it highly enough.

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