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The Truth and Proof about Business Blogging

By Josh  |   Business Website Tips

Blogging, The Truth + The Proof

You've talked with internet marketing companies. You've talked with your business peers and associates.  You've talked with your web design company.  Everyone's suggesting you integrate a blog into your website.

You're really not interested though.  No one wants to hear about the ins and outs of your industry… right?  Writing content takes time and you have better ways to spend your time and more effective ways to promote your company… right?

The Truth

When based on a solid content strategy and done correctly, blogging can be an exceptionally powerful marketing tool. That's the truth.  You'll be hard pressed to argue otherwise. 

Not convinced? Need some proof?  Perhaps the following statistics and data on blogging will break down your resistance just a little—hopefully just enough to get you to start looking into how blogging could increase the leads and sales generated by your website.

Blogging Is Getting Bigger

According to an infographic on Rightmix Marketing's website, there were 164 million blogs as of July 2011. That's up from just 3 million in 2004. Of these bloggers, 27% do it full-time and 11% earn their full-time income from it. More than half of these bloggers have been doing it for at least 2 years.

Rightmix Marketing

More Traffic, More Inbound Links

The website Hubspot did a survey of 1,531 businesses to see what results blogging got for them. Of the businesses, about half blogged while the other half didn't. The survey found that the bloggers got 55% more visitors than the non-bloggers. They also had 97% more inbound links from other sites, which meant that 400% more of their pages were indexed by Google. You can bet that a good number of those visits turned into sales.

Hubspot blog

Content Matters

The more you blog, the more leads you generate. That's what another survey by Hubspot has found. It found that a business blog starts to affect lead growth in a major way after 20 articles have been posted. After you pass 50, lead generation increases by an average of 77%.

Awesome Social Media

The Future and Your Business Blog

According to a 2011 survey by the website, 89% of companies interviewed said that they believe blogging will be even more important in the next five years. The survey also found that the 57 million blog readers in the United States alone spend an average of 23 hours a week online.

BlogWorld Expo

The Bottom Line

Blogs mean business, and they can mean more business for your business—but only if done right. 

A strategic content strategy, specific topics and calls to action that get your visitors to convert to leads, and careful ongoing performance analysis can combine to drastically increase a website's targeted traffic and leads. We've made it happen for other clients; let's make it happen for you.

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