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The Tortoise and the Hare (the Moral of This Fable Needs an Update)

By Erin  |   Websites: The Basics

This hare relates to the world of web design agencies. We promise.

In Aesop’s Fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare,” a slow, plodding Tortoise challenged a quick Hare to a race through the forest. Of course, the winner should have been the Hare, who had the speed to beat the Tortoise with ease.

Yet the Hare, knowing he had an immense advantage over the Tortoise, got cocky along the way and stopped to play in a meadow and take a nap. By the time he woke up and raced to the finish line, the Tortoise was waiting for him.

What was the Hare thinking?  What a waste of time and talent and resources.

So, um…how is a premier website design agency connected to a fantasy race through the forest?

Glad you asked…

Why we specifically aim to be neither the Tortoise NOR the Hare

If we conducted business in a manner similar to either the Tortoise or the Hare, we wouldn’t keep our position as one of the top web design agencies in Denver for long.

Unlike the Hare, when we have a job to do we don’t stop to play in the meadow or take a nap (heck, we barely stop for lunch sometimes).

What we do is promise our clients quick and efficient results—an assurance we deliver on each and every time without fail. And that means we don’t play the part of a plodding Tortoise either!

Time is money. In fact, an article in by Mike Southon, a columnist for Financial Times, states that the true currency in business is not money, but time. And if we can learn to manage time, then the money will flow. Mike goes on to say, “What characterises (sic) a successful entrepreneur is their ability to actually deliver on their promises.

Let’s examine that last statement for a moment.

What gives our dedicated web team at Followbright the ability to deliver on our promises of quick and efficient results? What sets us apart from other website design agencies?

The answers are quite simple, really.

It begins with our truly amazing group of consultants, creatives, and coders, who are counted among the most talented of any web design agency in the country. They use a combination of discovery processes, conversations with clients and prospects, market research, audits, and expert insights to analyze our clients’ most challenging problems. They then compile this information and engineer a roadmap for attaining specific website goals. Further, throughout the process, our team focuses on smaller steps and continual improvement over time, thus allowing our clients to achieve faster results than they would with a large, one-off project.

The moral of Aesop’s Fable above is, “Slow and Steady Wins the Race.” And while that might be true in a race between a Tortoise and a Hare through the forest, it actually doesn’t cut it when you’re a leading website design agency.

Since slow and steady and fast and unreliable are both losing strategies, the new moral of the story needs to be: fast and steady wins the business race in the 21st century. Look for it in the web agency you're considering partnering with.


Whether you need a complete design and build of a new website or just small, continual improvements to existing sites and online marketing campaigns, contact our web design agency in Denver today. We will pinpoint primary problems, create a phased action plan, and begin a path of quick progress toward your goals.

…And you won’t even have to step foot in the forest.

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