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The Inbound Marketer’s Cheat Sheet on the Best Times to Post on Social Networks

By Josh  |   Online Marketing

When you should and shouldn't post on social media

Today we're sharing a great infographic we came across while looking for the latest research on when to post to various social networks for maximum impact.  

What you'll see below is an easy to use cheat sheet that tells you exactly when you should (and when you shouldn't) be posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.  (Speaking of which, you've liked our Facebook page, right?)

Key takeaways include...

  • Fewer people will see your Facebook posts if you make them on the weekends.
  • Standard business hours are not when you should be using LinkedIn. 
  • The best time to post to Pinterest is, hands down, on Saturday mornings.
  • Peak time for Google+ is 9am - 11am.
  • The worst time to tweet is at night/early in the day (between the hours of 8pm - 9am)

So bookmark this page, print this out, take notes on a post-it—whatever it takes so you have quick access to this info every time you schedule your social media campaigns.  


best times to post on social media

On a final note, though the data provided in this cheat sheet is valuable, we do encourage you to keep in mind that the information it offers is broad, and therefore may not directly correlate to your specific target audiences.


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