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The One Website Component Almost All New Clients Overlook…

By Erin  |   Business Website Tips | Websites: The Basics

The one website component most clients forget about.

It happens time and time again.

It's been happening since we opened our doors in 2002, and it continues to happen a decade later here in 2012.

Here's what happens: Clients consistently overlook one of the most critical parts of a website during their planning and budgeting stages before they talk to any web companies. And if you're planning to build a new website or rework an existing site to make it more effective, chances are you're overlooking the exact same thing.

So what IS this important part everyone overlooks, you ask?

It's the site's content.  
And oh dear does this oversight cause problems.

We've heard it all.

The most common replies we hear when we inquire about a client's plan for their new website's content include...

  • "We'll do it ourselves." 
  • "It won't take long."
  • "We'll get someone on staff to do it."
  • "We didn't budget for it."

Unfortunately, a large number of the websites in which our clients have opted to handle most or all of their sites' copywriting fail to launch on time.  And it's because the content is late. 

In other words:
When clients choose to collect, organize, prepare, and write their own website content, there's a good chance that—no matter how superb their project manager is—their website will not launch on time.  

We actually have 2 large projects that are currently on hold (and which have been on hold for over 5 months) solely because the clients have yet to provide the content for their sites' pages.  Both clients continue to work at writing their content, and we get occasional emails from them commenting how writing content is so much more time consuming than they ever expected.  

We try to give everyone a heads up, just as we're giving you one today.  We're empathetic and do understand how writing high quality content can seem like a quick and easy thing to do.

Unfortunately, it's not. It never is.

There's no glamour here.

Planning, organizing, and writing your content takes time. A great deal of time.  More time than you think it will take.  It always takes at least double or triple (and typically more) the amount of time clients estimate.

Plus, keep in mind...

  • Creating content is tedious work. 
  • There's research, organizing, writing, editing, revising, and reviewing involved.
  • Many clients find the process of doing it on their own stressful.
  • Most clients don't know what type of writing makes website visitors take action, and thus simply end up writing about themselves.
  • And most commonly, it's easy to procrastinate and put off the work.  Bills need to be paid. Someone needs to run the business. Kids need to be picked up from school.  But that text for the website, well...that can wait another day and the world won't explode.

Don't make this mistake.

It's simple, really.  

Your website is so much more than good looks.  It needs substance; it needs great content. After all, content is the reason people visit/will be visiting your site.  

So here's what you do:

You can budget for it by:

a) setting aside a good deal of time so you can work on it on your own. Triple the time you estimate it will take you, just to be safe. No joke—triple it.
b) allocating funds in your budget to have experts take care of the work for you.  Talk with your web company (who should be able to offer you expert web copywriting services) to determine a realistic budget so you won't need to stress over the challenge of putting together compelling, exciting content that makes your site visitors take action.

Your Key Takeaway for today is...

Budget either time or money for your content and you'll take an enormous step toward a stress-free website project that launches on time and within budget.


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