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The (Many!) Business Benefits of Embracing Online Video

By Josh  |   Business Website Tips | Online Marketing

online video reel

Hey hey hey, online video's here to stay.

Demand for online video is at an all-time high, with viewers consuming over 4 billion YouTube clips per day—and that’s just at YouTube (meaning we're not counting video views at other video sites like or

This means that while Google is still the undisputed king of the search, YouTube is actually the second-most-searched website in the world.

Meeting this surging demand is a growing army of brands, small businesses, and individual video creators who are now uploading over 60 hours of video per minute every day, 7 days a week. Savvy businesses are already exploring new and exciting ways to tap into the online audience's seemingly insatiable appetite for video through the creation of informative and engaging content.

Video & SEO

Beyond just entertaining viewers and helping businesses get seen by potential customers, online video also carries a huge secret benefit: it's extremely powerful in helping businesses leapfrog their competition in the search engines.

That's right.  Video can help businesses get found in Google.

Because of its high engagement level, Google has begun mixing in video results among the traditional standard search results—meaning a video that's carefully optimized can essentially "steal" a first-page ranking from a traditional website.

Here’s a screenshot of a Google search for "cake decorating". Notice the video listings (highlighted in yellow) taking up valuable real estate in the search results:

Google video results screenshot

Video is within your reach. Really.

Thankfully, video is more affordable than ever.

Tremendous technology advances in recent years have continued to lower the cost of video equipment, making it easy for small businesses to run out and pick up an HD camera for under $200.

Online learning resources and an arsenal of free-to-use online video editing software programs can help even the most video-ignorant business owners and marketing teams learn how to become online producers.

Online video's popularity continues to grow with no sign of slowing; as it does, we believe businesses will begin to struggle to find the same effectiveness and marketing benefits from traditional, text-only content.

But by embracing the online video trend early, your company can get out in front of the pack, gain a competitive advantage, and begin to engage your customers on a much deeper level.

Your future customers are definitely watching online video—they’re just not watching your videos. (Yet, right?.) 

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