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The Layman’s Pocket Guide to Writing Well For the Web

By Erin  |   How To | Website Copywriting

Writing well for the web (image of pencil and checkmark)

IMPORTANT!! PLEASE NOTE > THIS IS AN ARCHIVED/OUTDATED BLOG POST.  As of late 2014 the link we refer to in this post is no longer live.

Writing for the web is different than writing for other mediums.

And oftentimes, for those choosing to not (yet!) invest in professional web copywriting, the task of writing one's own website content and keeping a website fresh and up to date can feel daunting.

A simple guide to the rescue!

Last week we stumbled upon a simple, concise (7 pages) guide offered by England's world-famous web company, Headscape.

The PDF covers all the basics and provides readers with valuable best practices, helpful tips, and visual examples. 

If you're a professional web copywriter, this will (hopefully!) be too basic for you.

If you're a web company, this makes for a fantastic resource to share with your clients.

For everyone else responsible for writing content for their own sites, use this guide as a great starting point for writing better website copy.

Download the PDF guide now

Download Headscape's PDF now:
Writing for the Web.  

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