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The Incredible Video SEO Power Of Caption Files

By Josh  |   Online Marketing

Captioning for SEO

As brands and businesses race into online video marketing, it becomes more and more important to do everything in your power to make sure your videos can be found by viewers.

While search engines have made great strides in their technology, they still can’t index video content anywhere near as well as they can index text content.  However, with a simple caption file, your company can give Google all the pertinent information it needs to properly rank your video content.

Caption Files & Video SEO

Caption files are most often associated with the hearing impaired. With millions of Americans suffering from some form of hearing loss, it’s wise to provide captions on your videos simply to expand the number of people you can reach.

Additionally, there’s the incredible bonus you get when using caption files: video SEO.

Caption files give Google and the other search engines everything they need to know about your video so that they can comprehend and rank it properly.

Caption File for Video SEO Caption files are traditionally presented in a unique, time-coded format that looks like this:

You can learn all about these caption files and how to create them from this YouTube help article — but before you start worrying about homework, I want to let you know there’s an even easier route than that (well, if you're an English speaker, that is)

caption screenshotYouTube has a new captions feature called Transcripts that takes a simple text file containing the contents of your video’s narration or spoken words (without time codes or formatting) and turn them into properly timed captions, like this:

Video SEO involves many of the same tasks involved with standard content SEO work: keyword research, proper keywords in the titles, keyword-rich descriptions, appropriate tags & categories, etc. But there's no one step you can take will boost your video’s search visibility more than the simple step of adding a caption file.

Beat The Competition

Here's even better news: Only 1.6 million videos on YouTube have caption files attached to them!

Yet of the over 1 trillion video views YouTube had in 2001, only the tiniest fraction offered caption files. That's right: First page rankings are available for video content, and the bulk of your competition is skipping one of the simplest and most powerful methods for success.
Your Key Takeaway
You should strongly, strongly consider using caption files with your video.

In doing so, you not only make your video content accessible to millions of hearing impaired viewers, you get a huge boost past your competition by helping Google understand exactly what your video content is about.

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