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The Big Picture Trumps What You Think You Want

By Erin  |   Website Improvement

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Being your own doctor doesn’t work

You finally visit your doctor because there’s absolutely no way you can continue to tolerate the headaches, sleepless nights and clogged nose this three-week-old-cold-that-won’t-budge has thrown at you.

You beg, “Please, just give me the sledgehammer of painkillers; and can you throw in some Drano-strength decongestant? That’s exactly what I want. I know it’s what will help. GIVE TO ME NOW.”

Your doctor tells you the reason your cold won’t leave town is because it’s actually a sinus infection, meaning you need to kill the bacteria causing the problem, while simultaneously taking anti-inflammatories and decongestants.

Know when it’s time to call in the experts

Business owners can be much like medical patients, convinced they know how to fix their struggling website, when in reality a strategic, experienced web design agency can more accurately identify what’s ailing an ineffective site, then implement a plan to make it thrive.

When a client wants to push an irrelevant, faulty, or pet concept they may not be taking in the big picture. Any web agency worth its salt won’t say yes just to please them but will instead guide the conversation back to the client’s main objectives. After all, you hired your web design agency to get results, not just be an extra set of hands, right?

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Pinpoint your goals; discover what’s wrong with your website

It’s not uncommon for us to work with clients who initially approached us looking for help on a problem they’d diagnosed for their website, but who, during consultations with us, ended up discovering that the problems they thought they had….weren’t their real problems after all.

Here are a few examples.

  • A highly successful Denver business thought they needed a complete, built-from-scratch website redesign. Our research and a careful audit showed that their existing website held a tremendous deal of value, had a solid design, and was easy to use.  What they actually needed was more eyes on their site…basically their traffic was too low.  Crafting a more profitable keyword strategy, cleaning up the site’s code, and running a limited number of strategically placed online ads translated into the increased sales the company thought could only come from a brand new site.  No design work necessary. The problem the client was focused on turned out not to be the real problem, and they saved a lot of time and money by bringing in a professional web design agency.
  • An established East Coast organization thought they needed someone to write better blog content for them. The organization’s goal was more traffic.  After bringing us aboard, our investigation uncovered that, in reality, their content was getting them oodles of traffic. The actual problem was that their website wasn’t set up to convert that traffic into sales leads.  More blog readers would not have translated into more sales when their website made it so difficult to make a purchase. Had we focused on writing different content--as the client had initially insisted upon--we’d have been barking up the wrong tree—spending time, energy, and money on the wrong problem.
  • A Colorado-based small business approached us asking for a nominal amount of programming help to fix a broken section of their website. During initial consultations, we found out that fixing this broken portion of their website wouldn’t actually solve their primary internal headaches as it had never functioned as they needed it to in the first place.  Their real problem wasn’t that this portion of the website was broken, it was that it didn’t contribute to the company’s success. For a nominal additional investment, we expanded and improved upon this part of the site and cut internal processing time by 20%, solving a nagging internal office efficiency problem they’d struggled with for over a year.

Maybe it’s time to take two Advil and call us in the morning. We’ll help diagnose the real problem behind your online challenges. Just beware it may not be what you think it is.

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