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*Super Quick* Tip: How Companies Double Their Twitter Engagement

By Josh  |   Online Marketing

Twitter bird with the letters 2x inside of it.

If your company uses Twitter as part of its online marketing strategy, we've got a valuable quick tip for you today.

This means the post you're reading is short and sweet and will be over before you know it.

So pay close attention.

(And actually, if your company doesn't use Twitter and doesn't plan to use Twitter anytime soon, you can stop reading right now, we never want to waste anyone's time.)

Guess what people like to.... see?

Many businesses know that on Facebook, posts with images are more engaging and receive more Likes and comments.

Not surprisingly, the same has been shown to be true on Twitter. In fact:

Tweets that contain links to images receive approximately 2x the engagement rate as tweets without links to images.

So the one easy, simple thing you can do to boost your Twitter engagement from your audience is...

Very simple: Increase the number of tweets your business sends out that contain links to images.

You're welcome.

And of course, if you're serious about determining your business's ROI from your social media efforts, don't forget to track it!

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