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*SUPER QUICK* (And Easy) Tip For More Engaged Facebook Followers

By Erin  |   Online Marketing

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Digital strategist Jeff Bullas has conducted some excellent research on engaged Facebook followers, and the fantastic news is that you get to benefit from it, immediately.  

As in, you can start using this one fantastic quick-tip starting with your very next Facebook post.

Bullas measured engagement of brands' Facebook posts (defining engagement by Like and comment rates) and determined that:

Facebook posts containing 80 characters or less receive a whopping 66% higher engagement rate than posts with more than 80 characters.

How low can you go?

Fascinatingly, posts with just 40 characters or less received 86% higher engagement.

That's not a lot of characters. Give it a shot.

A grain of salt

Do take today's data with a wee grain of salt here, as the posts with 40 characters or less represented an extremely small (5%) statistical set in his study and those posts are rather challenging to write (again, 40 characters is a teeny tiny amount of characters).

Today's key takeaway

Mix in a healthy share of short (under 80 characters) posts in your company's Facebook page to encourage more engagement from your followers.


(Final important note: Also keep in mind is that Bulla's study was conducted on retail brands, not on companies in the service industry.)

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