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Small Website Adjustments = BIG Rewards

By Erin  |   Business Website Tips | Website Improvement

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I LOVE big dreams, big thinkers, big ideas and big goals. Interestingly, it’s oftentimes the tiny little things that move us toward these big things the fastest.

On occasion, business leaders (yes, me included) can unwittingly find themselves seeking out that one large, sweeping change that will make a huge impact on—or even transform—their businesses.

While big change is sometimes a big necessity, we’ve found here at our Colorado web strategy agency that, more often than not, it’s actually the small tweaks and incremental improvements that go the distance in terms of making lasting positive impacts on our clients’ businesses.

Let’s think about it in non-business terms for a minute.

John and Jay want to lose weight

John and Jay both want to lose weight as their New Year’s Resolution. John decides to aim BIG by saying he wants to lose 30 pounds by June. Jay aims small and says he wants to lose 3 pounds per month.  

On January 1st both men start their journey. John gets off to a roaring start. He hires a personal trainer, begins scrutinizing his diet and makes it to the gym five days a week.  

Jay, on the other hand, doesn’t alter his lifestyle much at all. He simply starts going to the gym twice a week instead of once, forces himself to go on a 2-mile jog every weekend, and replaces his nightly dinner rolls with a salad. That’s it.

John drops 7 pounds in January and 6 pounds in February, but only 2 in March. By the start of April, he’s burned-out from the past 12 weeks and his diet and workout routine have fallen apart. Come June 30th, John has lost weight, but only 10 pounds because he couldn’t manage or sustain his huge change.  

Meanwhile, Jay consistently hit his 3 pound goal every month and by the end of June, he’s lost 18 pounds to John’s 10. Jay’s smaller, more manageable changes ultimately allow him to enjoy greater success. Plus, he’s got a much great chance at keeping his weight off.

Similar principles apply to business websites. Really.

How does this weight loss story translate to websites?

We see clients experience huge successes over the long term when they break large, complex website design or development objectives into more achievable quarterly or monthly micro goals.

When clients focus on small wins and continual improvement instead of expecting immediate gratification through massive, sweeping changes, they often discover that successful implementation becomes far more likely, and the results are far more impressive over the long term. (For clients who feel unclear about how to prioritize their goals or how to break their vision into manageable targets, our strategic website consulting helps them get clear. Quickly.)

But what happens if incremental website improvements fail to bring about the changes we want?

That’s OK!

If things don’t pan out, you’ll know sooner rather than later as your small website projects are nimble monkeys, rather than lumbering 800-pound gorillas.

What a powerful advantage it is to be able to quickly learn from small failures, adjust course, and try again. Sometimes a small web design change can be a test for a larger site-wide concept, or a small improvement in usability can inform a larger web development change.

Thinking small

Yes indeed, thinking big is critical to grow a business. But thinking small and then setting small, incremental goals after thinking big is where our clients reap rewards with their websites.

And I’m very confident you can, too.

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