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The Extreme Power Of Small Website Improvements

By Erin  |   Website Improvement

Growth Chart

Two years ago a client approached us looking for a complete website redesign.

They were convinced that a new look for their Denver business's site would solve their problem of lackluster website traffic.

In the spirit of continual improvement (vs. one-and-done projects that often deliver poor results), we actually suggested they didn't invest in a complete website redesign.

Instead, we suggested the company first consider an outside-eyes, expert audit of their existing website and online marketing.

Starting with an audit instead of simply hoping a website redesign would solve their traffic problem would allow us to uncover their biggest challenges and weaknesses.

Once these weaknesses had been determined, a strategic plan could then be created to generate more impact more quickly—and with far more confidence—than crossing fingers and hoping a new site design would solve their problems.

A big blog problem

Upon completing our online marketing audit, we discovered the previous Denver web development company they'd used had incorrectly integrated their content-rich blog.

What an exciting finding!

Fixing a faulty blog integration would be quicker, easier, and cheaper than a complete website redesign. And, because their blog had so much amazing content, we knew a proper integration would have a positive impact on their traffic.

Even better: we knew that the client would see results immediately.

See the image below. The red arrow indicates the day we completed our work on properly integrating the client's blog into their website.  

improper blog integration

There was an instant, immediate increase in traffic within 3 days. And after just 3 months, the website was seeing 128.59% more traffic than before the client had come to us.

The best part of all this? The proper blog integration work was just step #1 of the continual improvement Action Plan our audit had resulted in!

The moral of the story

That one thing you think may benefit your website may actually not be a wise investment of your marketing dollars.

Consider a deep-dive expert audit to get outside eyes on your website and online marketing situation. The Action Plan you'll receive from your audit will map out tactics that will move you forward toward your big picture vision of success.

No more guessing and no more throwing money at efforts that sound good...but that won't have a substantial impact on your bottom line.

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