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Followbright Website Featured In Denver Fox News Story

By Erin  |   Client Projects | Followbright News

screenshot of website featured on TV news

Last Wednesday, Fox News Denver aired a feature story on one of the websites we planned, designed, and built for our client, ByATeacher.

Bryan Carruthers, the founder and brilliant mind behind ByATeacher, envisioned a website that would help local teachers find high paying work outside of the classroom and supplement their teaching income.

With one in five Colorado teachers working second jobs, a platform that brings teachers and consumers together has turned out to be a warmly-welcomed solution.

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The website not only allows teachers to generate additional income, it allows communities to directly support their teachers and schools (a percentage of every transaction at ByATeacher is donated back to  teachers' schools).  

Visit the ByATeacher website, or read the complete Fox News writeup and watch the video on ByaTeacher here.

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