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Say That Again? (Repeat Your Most Important Points…Or Else!)

By Erin  |   Website Copywriting

repeated website content

Your website is fabulous, isn’t it? The design is beautiful, it shares helpful content, the gallery sparkles with exceptional photos. You’ve checked your stats and people check out several pages per visit and spend several minutes looking around after they arrive.

Good work.  

But here’s the problem: Your website’s visitors aren’t reading what you want them to read.

If you present your most important points just once in your website, you’re making an egregious mistake. Not to worry. You’re not alone and, luckily, this mistake is extremely easy to fix.

Your website visitors scan and skim

Remember, most people don’t read your website’s text; they scan and skim through it. Consider, too, how easy it is for your site’s visitors to miss that content you want them to see; they arrive on different pages with different agendas, all focused on searching for content that answers their individual questions.

Assuming you don't have an exceptionally small website, your site’s visitors can’t absorb everything you’re saying the first time around. Combine this with the fact that very, very few of your potential customers will ever look at every. single. page. in your website during a visit and you’ll begin to understand why it’s so vital to repeat your most important points throughout your site.

In order to get your points across, you need to first make sure they're seen by the people skimming and scanning and jumping about from page to page in your site.

What do your site visitors need to know?

What do your site visitors need to know about your company? How are you setting yourself apart and encouraging them to buy or become customers?

Are you…

  • the sole restaurant in the area that offers free breakfast to customers who come in on their birthdays?
  • the only store in the area that meets or beats all the competitions’ prices?
  • having a huge blowout sale next Sunday?
  • providing free consultations to anyone considering your makeup services?

You are?  Really?  Then stop hiding it near the bottom of that one page in your site. Shout it out in multiple locations where it’s likely to be seen! Otherwise, plenty of your site’s visitors will miss the most important points you’re trying to communicate.

So, again: make sure you repeat the most important points you want your site visitors to remember.  Also: Remember to repeat your most important points.  In sum: say it again.


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