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Real Results: Local client’s search engine rankings skyrocket!

By Erin  |   Online Marketing

local client boosts search engine rankings in one month

Though much of the work we do is for companies outside of our small mountain county, we're always delighted to help make a  difference to the website traffic, leads, and sales of local businesses.  

Here's a quick example of how we're making it easier for new customers to find the website of a local engineering firm.


Here at Followbright, we don't focus on websites, processes, or design.  We focus on results.

And results are exactly what we're already achieving after just 4 weeks for local, established engineering firm Range West Partners, Inc., a company that has provided our local mountain region with engineering and surveying services since 1991. 

In December, Range West approached us and shared their concern that their site wasn't showing up in Google for any terms related to their core service areas.  They were ready to invest in search engine optimization services to boost their company's visibility online.

We put together an action plan, and began to implement that plan at the end of December.

Just 4 weeks after we began implementing our Search Engine Optimization action plan for Range West, their rankings for their target keyword phrases have soared.  

Real results, real fast

Take a look at the results Range West is seeing in just a short amount of time. (These results taken a week and a half ago at the end of January.)

engineering company search rankings have skyrocketed

Wondering what the icons and numbers mean in the graphic above?

  1. The numbers next to the blue arrows indicate the number of spots in Google their rankings increased from their baseline/starting point in December.)
  2. The numbers next to the page and plus sign icons indicate a Google ranking for a term that Range West wasn't in the top 100 for in December. 

A few of our favorite highlights include:

  • The company went from not being in the top 100 to being #2 in Google for Summit County civil engineer.
  • The company went from #20 in Google to #3 in Google for Summit County construction staking, one of their key services.
  • The company went from #56 all the way to #3 in Google for Summit County structural engineer.

All this in just 4 weeks.  

Yep, Range West is quite happy with the impressive results thus far, and we're all looking forward to watching their results improve for February and March as well.

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