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A Real-Life Story Showing How Email Newsletters Can Be Powerful Online Marketing Tools

By Erin  |   Online Marketing

Email newsletters can be powerful

"A carefully planned, ongoing stream of email newsletters can act as a powerful technique!"

...or so say gurus, blog posts, marketing companies, marketing automation companies, copywriters, business consultants, and yes, even us here at our web strategy and consulting company.


"I don't get it. So what?? Give me an example of how email newsletters have ever worked for one of your clients."

These were the actual words recently spoken to me during a phone call with a new client, as we explored potential online marketing options for his Colorado-based company.

The client knew, intellectually, that emails newsletters could be powerful, and he understood the concept of keeping in touch with customers. Yet he couldn't get a grasp on or truly envision how a newsletter could directly translate into more business.

"Give me an example," he asked.

So give him an example I did.

A real-life email

As I sat there on the phone with the new client, I opened up my email program, scrolled down to a client's folder, and opened up a particular email I fondly remember receiving.

"Sure thing, Andrew. Let me read you a quick email I received from a client—who actually wrote to tell me about her experience with the email newsletter of another client.  Here you go."

I read Andrew the following email:

Erin, you you can tell [Restaurant ABC] how effective it is for them to send out emails! My husband is returning home Wednesday night about 7:30pm and I am meeting him for dinner. I told him I would meet him at [Restaurant XYZ]. Then I got the email newsletter from [Restaurant ABC]. When I saw they were serving Paella, which I used to love eating at their previous location years and years ago, I immediately changed my mind. Their advertising worked, and I am looking forward to a wonderful dinner there.

After I read the email, Andrew was quiet for a moment, then said "Yep, makes sense, I get it now."

Nothing but a story

A single anecdote does (most definitely not a strong argument make.

I know this, which is why I'd never dream of suggesting that email marketing is the right tactic for your business without first having a crystal clear picture of your company's goals, challenges, target customers, and existing efforts.

Instead, I shared this little story with you today for 2 simple reasons:

First, to simply make the concept more tangible, just as the story did for Andrew.

And second, to plant a seed for your business's online marketing consideration; in a world filled with Facebook and Twitter and allllllll the rest, the comparatively unsexy tactic of planning, writing, and deploying email newsletters often gets left by the wayside.

Have a great day everyone, and see you next week.

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