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Put Yourself In Your Visitors’ Shoes

By Erin  |   Business Website Tips

Pair of website visitor shoes (high heels)

My guess is that, at some point or another during your travels across the World Wide Web, you’ve visited a website and … then promptly left.

What exactly was it that caused you to leave?

  • Was the font size too small, making the text hard to read?
  • Was it difficult to figure out where to go in the site?
  • Were there too many ads?
  • Was the site overly busy and cluttered?
  • Did you find too many broken links?
  • Did the site take too long to load?
  • Did the site appear to be outdated/not maintained?
  • Was the content too wordy or difficult to understand?
  • Did the website appear to look partially broken?
  • Did the site contain annoying, flashing, distracting graphics?
  • Did it take too long for you to determine the website’s main point?

Now stop for a moment and—as objectively as you can—try to put yourself in the shoes of your website’s visitors.

Could it be possible you’re losing potential customers because some of these visitors are experiencing one or more of the frustrations contained in the list above?


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