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Professional Copywriting is Totally Optional. Unless You Care About Conversions.

By Erin  |   Online Marketing | Website Copywriting | Website Improvement

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Here at our website conversion and crisis center, potential new clients regularly tell us their sites...

  • don't do justice to their products
  • look unprofessional
  • are unorganized
  • need SEO
  • fail to generate the leads and sales they expect

Time for Followbright to get to work.

Is there a mechanic in the house?

Indeed there is.

Followbright's mechanic (a true wizard of html and css) is Josh Petrucci. He usually takes a look around new clients' sites and says something to the effect of “what a mess.” He finds all the technical elements that are out of whack. Our clients usually say “fix it.” Then he does. (You can learn a bit more about Josh on our About page.)

If it were only that simple.

But is the website repair game really that simple? You blow a gasket. You find a gasket guru. Then you start motoring again.
It would be lovely if it were just that simple.
But it's usually not.

When we look under the hood, 9 times out of 10 we find at least a few serious problems that extend beyond mechanics—and a majority of the time these problems are related to the websites' content.

The words that populate the webpages (what us professionals call “copy”) isn't getting the job done. The copy doesn't make people take action.

Unfortunately, pointing this out to our clients doesn't always fix the problem. Much to our chagrin, clients often say, “We'll take care of the copy,” or worse, "The copy is fine."

We can only press so much.

Ultimately, the sites belong to our clients, not us. We always make the recommendations we know will serve our clients' sites best, but if the clients don't wish to follow the recommendations, we gracefully respect their wishes and get back to work on solving the problems they think are pressing.

As a result, far too often we'll launch a new website and the site will look beautiful, it will function spectacularly, but it ends up not generating the leads or revenue our clients were expecting.

What's going on here?

The problem really isn't what's going on with their sites—it's what's not going with their sites.
So what's not going on? Professionally written copy carefully crafted to increase conversion.

Let me be straight with you.

One, you need to recognize the cause-and-effect connection between copywriting and sales.

Two, your website needs to tell your visitors what to do.

This is where professional copywriting comes in. An expert copywriter is the (often under-appreciated) wordsmith and professional “tell-the-visitor-what-to-do” doer.

When a website visitor does in fact take the requested action (buy, fill out a form, call, etc.), we call that a conversion.

Think about conversions like this:

Conversions are the goals of your website.  
Your website must be built with conversions in mind.  
Your website must guide visitors toward the exact action you want them to take.
In other words, conversion = success.

Numbers have a whole lot to do with a website's success too.

As you might expect, at Followbright, we measure conversion. We like to see it go up. Our clients do too.

Many variables affect your conversion rate. One of the top 3 variables is (wait for it...) yes, your website's copy.

Numbers speak volumes about the quality of the words. Though we “fix” websites daily, invariably, if a client scrimps on copywriting, we seldom see significant and sustained increases in conversion. And the reverse is so true, I'm writing this lengthy blog post about it.

This is what we call conversion.

The exchange of money marks the classic conversion. You go into the candy store and buy candy. Sweet.

However, on Web Street, the great variety of businesses aiming to reduce the weight of your wallet expands far beyond candy stores.

This is why a number of “transactions” qualify as conversions.  Would any of the following count as conversions in your company's website?

  • Completion an online form
  • Sign-up for a newsletter
  • Downloading of a document
  • Watching a video
  • Subscribing to a blog
  • Purchase of a product
  • Scheduling a product demo

Want sales?

The words you use on your website are the only words a website visitor can read to make a decision on whether to take action on your offer or not. And, like any salesperson, the better you make the ‘sales pitch' on your website, the more people will take action on your offer.” (Thanks to Alex Cleanthous at Search Engine Journal for these words.)

Alex tells it like it is here, essentially reminding you to think of the copy on your website as your salesperson.

This means that  if your website is written by anyone other than a professional web copywriter, you're tasking a weak salesperson to sell.

Good luck with that.

Oh, almost forgot to mention, the investment you'll make in a web copywriter is even more of a no-brainer when you consider those professionally-written words on your website:

  • Work 24/7/365
  • Never need time off
  • Cost far less than a ‘real' salesperson
  • Increase the quality of your leads
  • Kicks out the “tire-kickers”
  • Increase sales

How's that for a crazy good deal?

Followbright is going to help you with your website even if you insist we do so without a professional copywriter.

However, if you want us to help you with your website's conversion rates, let's discuss how professional copywriting can make an incredible, measurable impact for you.

Your Key Takeaway For Today:

Conversion increases dramatically when a professional website copywriter is tasked with the work of writing your website's most important content.

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