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Positioning Strategy: We’ve Made It Official!

By Erin  |   Online Marketing | Followbright News

business positioning strategy

For the past few years we've provided a small number of existing clients with an exciting, exceptionally valuable service not promoted on our website: Positioning Strategy.

A positioning strategy is what enables a company to confidently differentiate and communicate its uniqueness. It's what prevents prospective customers from mentally lumping a business in with all the rest of its competition. And when applied consistently and correctly, a positioning strategy is what attracts new customers like a magnet.

From a resort community lodging company stuck in a sea of they-all-seem-alike competitors to a luxury home builder battling unethical competition, we've enabled companies to become clear about who they are, communicate their compelling uniqueness, and stand heads and shoulders above the rest. 

That's why we're so delighted to begin publicly offering this as an "official" Followbright premium service. (Plan to see a case study in the Copywriting section of our portfolio in the next month or so. )

Each and every one of our positioning strategy clients works one on one with our messaging expert, Ann, and experiences an enlightening and fascinating process that ultimately unveils an exciting clarity and confidence. (Learn more about Ann on our About page.)

Curious? Intrigued? Read up on the fun details about Followbright's powerful positioning strategy service now.

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