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Our Two Recommendations For Those Looking For Color Inspiration

By Erin  |   Website Design

Color inspiration: fresh greens

If we were to simply ask our clients "Tell us exactly what colors you want us to use" each time we're hired to create a new design (whether website, logo, or marketing piece)... we would be very bad designers, indeed.

Few clients hire design teams knowing exactly what they want. Instead, most are looking for varying degrees of guidance and collaboration.

When it comes to narrowing down what colors we'll be using in a client's design, we often ask them to spend a bit of time thinking about and exploring colors that would match with their company's brand, personality, and style. There's no pressure to pick the "right" colors; the exploration and discovery piece of any collaborative design process should be no-pressure, have no right answers, and be powered by curiosity and open-mindedness.

After discussions and providing guidance on how they can do so, we typically suggest our clients spend a bit of time browsing through one or both of the following sites when it's time for them to give some thought to color.

Good ol' Pinterest

Head over to and search for "color palettes".

Results are displayed like this...
(And as you scroll, more and more images will continue to be displayed. For all intents and purposes, the page will scroll for eternity.)

pinterest color palette results

Design Seeds

While you're browsing about on Pinterest, it's quite likely you'll actually see a number of pins (a "pin" is simply an image taken from another website) from Design Seeds. The Design Seeds website takes beautiful photos and breaks down the primary colors within those photos into simple color palettes. It's an alternative way of seeing colors that's quite helpful for many clients.  

The downside to browsing color palettes on this site is that there are only 8 palettes shown per page—meaning you'll need to continue hitting the "Next Page" link each time you scroll to the bottom of a page (whereas Pinterest scrolls infinitely without you ever having to click a link to see more images).

Here's what you'll see when you visit the Design Seeds site...

design seeds color inspiration results

Our only recommendation we suggest you consider before you start browsing through the nearly infinite results on these sites is this: make sure you set a timer.

Otherwise, it's very possible you'll get sucked in and your family and friends may never see you again.

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