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Oops! International Underground Hack Instead of Quarterly Upgrades

By Camille  |   Business Website Tips

International Underground Hack Instead of Quarterly Monitoring

We’re going to take a guess here.

We’re going to guess you’d rather your company’s website promote your company rather than an international underground hacking team called the Cyber Commandos—and that you don’t want your website’s homepage to look like this:

hacked website homepage

Looking really bad

A Colorado client recently had to spend a LOT of money to have our website development team completely recreate their WordPress site after finding out their website had been hacked who-knows-how-long ago.  

When the client realized potentially months’ worth of would-be clients may have seen the above screen when trying to visit their site, they calculated the damages were likely significant.

Their stress levels were extremely high.

To stop the bleeding and prevent ongoing revenue loss, they made an internal decision to pay an extremely rush/urgent fee to have our team rebuild their website immediately. 

Preventative care for your website matters

Needless to say, the client regrets ignoring our initial advice, which was tailored specifically to prevent hacking issues like this one.

We had initially recommended the same simple plan we recommend to all of our WordPress and ExpressionEngine clients, which is to invest in:

  1. A Solid Hosting Service
  2. A Quarterly Preventative Care Package

Unfortunately, the client went with a discount host and opted to skip ongoing maintenance. This meant no one checked in on or upgraded their site regularly.

As a result, they ended up with a site that was vulnerable to attack. Cleaning up the site after the attack was costly, stressful and left the clients wondering how much their brand was damaged in the long run.

This situation could have been easily prevented.

Don’t let this happen to your company’s website

Don’t let your site be called out by international hackers for having “very low security”.

Let your potential customers see only what you intend them to see when visiting your site.
Look into our web hosting and preventative care packages to experience peace of mind and to rest comfortably knowing that this client’s experience won’t be yours anytime in the future.

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