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Yummy Online Candy Store Website Launched For a Colorado Candy Shop

By Josh  |   Client Projects

Online candy store launch -- raspberry taffy

Back in June of this year, our Colorado web agency launched a small, simple online store for The Candy Man, a successful (and dearly beloved by everyone in town) candy shop in Nederland—located 30 minutes west and just a smidgen south of Boulder.  The shop's main specialty is hand-made, hand-pulled, mouth-watering taffy.

The design

There are no before and after photos to share as this is the shop's first online presence.

The screenshot of the live site below shows the clean, minimal layout of the website, along with a few pops of the company's official colors: Charmed Violet and Grape Ice.  (In fact, the walls inside the candy shop are painted in stripes with these colors, and look just like the horizontal strip across the top of the new website's design.)

Boulder candy shop website screenshot

A warning about this website

With taffy flavors like Orange Creamsicle, Chocolate Mint, Continental Divide Blackberry and Caribbean Butter Run, we need to warn you: If you're a taffy lover, be warned that a visit to this online store may very well result in an unplanned purchase.  

Visit the Candy Man store now.

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