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Creative Offline Marketing Efforts Can Directly Impact Your Business Website’s Success

By Erin  |   Online Marketing

offline marketing efforts and business website success

As businesses sit and nervously watch their competitors improve their websites and digital marketing strategies over time, they sometimes end up (very quickly) swinging from one side of the pendulum to the other. 

Which pendulum?

The digital marketing pendulum. Here's what I mean...

We'll get phone calls from energetic business owners, decision makers, and marketing VPs exclaiming....

We're done with the phone book!

We're done with advertising in the newspaper and expensive, glossy magazines!

We're done with old-school, print, and offline marketing!

Everything is digital these days! We need to shift completely to digital marketing and we need your help! Search Engine Optimization and PPC, inbound marketing services, social media, and strategic blogs! Let's dive in!

Few things in life—including online marketing strategies—are black or white, one or the other

While we applaud these businesses; commitment to and enthusiasm for harnessing the power of digital marketing, we like to remind them that it need not be all or nothing.

In fact, creative "old school" offline marketing can directly boost the effectiveness of a business's online efforts.

While these techniques would *absolutely* NOT work for everyone, we do have clients...

  • targeting local customers via radio ads that send those potential local customers directly to a page within the business's website focused on their specific concerns.
  • advertising in select print magazines after market research indicated a large portion of their most profitable clients continue to subscribe to those magazines.
  • experiencing ongoing success with targeted, focused advertisements in local newspapers sending potential customers to their social media accounts for discounts and specials.

Whether or not offline marketing can complement and improve the effectiveness of a business's online marketing is an important topic that should be discussed between a business and its online marketing agency.

A creative example of offline marketing contributing to a client's online marketing success

One of our favorite clients, Copper Colorado Condos (CCC), provides guests with fantastic lodging options at the base of Copper Mountain Ski Resort in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Over the past year and a half we've been working with them to increase their online footprint and become more visible on the web, in turn making it easier for potential customers to find them and learn about their excellent lodging options.

Becoming more visible and showcasing a positive comments and feedback in social media review sites (like Google+, TripAdvisor, and Yelp) is a key strategy in increasing and improving a lodging company's online presence.

Because Copper Colorado Condos is always open to creative methods of marketing—and not insistent that only online marketing is used—we put together an offline, "old-school" strategy to boost their online success.

Printed postcards?

Thank you for staying with us postcards Yep, we designed and printed double-sided postcards that, instead of being mailed, are left in the rooms of CCC's guests.  

These postcards thank the guests for choosing CCC and kindly request they consider leaving a review on one of three social media review sites (or share their experience via Facebook or Twitter).

These postcards ask guests to take a simple action that many would otherwise not thought of taking, or would have forgotten to take. Direct URLs as well as QR codes on the postcards provide 2 options for guests to use to quickly get to the social media review sites.

People are more likely to take new actions when...

  1. they're asked or directed to do so
  2. the actions are easy and/or quick to take, and
  3. they're specifically guided on how to take action.  

These postcards increase the likelihood of delighted CCC guests leaving positive reviews on social media review sites, which in turn increases CCC's positive online reputation, online visibility, and online marketing success.

Today's key takeaway

Don't shut yourself off to creative marketing options.

Don't discard offline or print marketing completely, or assume that digital marketing is the only thing your company should invest in.

The focus should be your big picture goals, and your online marketing agency/partner should work with you directly to come up with a combination of strategies (and be open to tweaking what doesn't work) that will ultimately help you reach them.

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