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New WordPress Website Launched For National Sales Rep Sourcing Agency

By Erin  |   Client Projects | Followbright News

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In August of this year we launched a brand new, responsive WordPress website for Time To Hire—a highly successful, highly rated, Washington-based company specializing in helping businesses source sales representatives.  Time To Hire's customer list includes well known companies such as Sears, DirecTV, Chik-fil-a, American Standard, Liberty Mutual, and Time Warner Cable.

How it started....

Time To Hire's website's performance was dropping, rankings were suffering because mobile users couldn't easily use the site, and the design had become outdated. The site wasn't serving the company's needs anymore.

CEO Chad Bronstein had known this for a while.

That's why, back in 2014, he'd hired a reputable web agency and spent thousands upon thousands of dollars for a new version of the website that, when launched, resulted in an immediate nosedive in conversions—translating into $60,000 in lost revenue.

The website the previous agency created performed so poorly that Time To Hire had to scrap it completely and replace it with their original site.

Then what happened?

Time To Hire conducted an extensive, two month search early in 2016, looking for a website agency that would be the perfect fit. A company that would deliver what they promised, ensure the new site's launch wouldn't negatively impact their SEO, and create a new website that would convert better than the old site.  They found us, and got exactly what they'd been hoping for.

What's the really exciting news, though? 

To make absolutely certain there would not be a drop in conversions this time around, we conducted a phased launch approach and thorough A/B testing stage.  

Doing this helped reduce fear and boost trust that the new site would perform exactly as promised. 

The exciting news, though, is that the site did much than that.  

In fact, the new website we designed, developed, and launched for Time To Hireis converting nearly 100% more leads than the previous version of the site. And no, that's not a typo! 

The new homepage design

Below shows the new homepage that Follwobright designed, as it appears on a standard desktop or laptop monitor:

Here's how the homepage appears across multiple devices:

And here's what one of the site's internal pages looks like:

What was it like working with us?

Well here, let Chad tell you himself...

Chad shared:

The website refresh you designed for us could not have gone any better. I chalk that up to your experience and how they work together as a team. Other designers I've worked with often forget small details which can cost me money. Your process-oriented way of doing business made our project go off on time and without any issues.  In addition to fantastic, clean design, you act as a strategic business partner for us. You've given us a better understanding how how to hire the right employees as well as helped us with our site content and organic search.

Like what you see here?

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