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New Web Application Launch for Denver Startup

By Erin  |   Followbright News

Web Saas control panel screenshot

This past Fall, Denver Colorado startup budget4cast hired our web development team to plan, design, and develop their Software-As-a-Service (SaaS) web application and associated marketing website. allows project managers across various industries to plan, track, and forecast their projects' budgets with more efficiency, accuracy, and ease—all in a user friendly, customizable, and collaborative environment.

The website began registering new customers and generating revenue within 1 day of its launch. 

The web application

While we can't show full screenshots of the web application (though you can see everything for yourself if you register and become a paying member, of course), we can show a few detail snippets.

Snippet of web application screenshot

Another snippet of web application screenshot

Part of the custom web application Followbright planned and developed

The work

Before any design or development work began on this web application + website project, we created a Blueprint in collaboration with the client.  Through hours of questioning, exploring, and expert consulting, a master plan road map for their project was laid out. All requirements, from budget to functionality to technology were agreed upon upfront, providing the client with clarity and confidence about what they could expect by engaging in a full development project with us. The Blueprint was followed by wireframing, custom design, and then development of both the web application and the marketing website.

The marketing website's design

When visitors arrive at, they see a brand new site with a limited number of pages and content (content not written by Followbright) that funnel toward the sign up page.

New Saas web application development designs for Denver, CO startup

To see more details, visit the budget4cast page in our website's portfolio.

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