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New Website Launched For a Colorado Leadership Training Organization

By Josh  |   Client Projects

Screenshot of new Colorado website.

Last week we launched an all-new website for Colorado Executive Forums, the top leadership training organization in the State.

We completely reimagined the organization's online presence, starting 100% from scratch with a highly polished new design and a custom WordPress content management system integration.  

The only three elements carried over from the organization's previous site were the color palette, some of the content, and the official logo.

The old website

Before bringing our team aboard to design and develop their new online presence, Colorado Executive Forum's website looked like this:

previous website design

The moodboard

Upon completing our design exploration process with the client, we created the following design moodboard, which acted as the foundation for our actual design process and confirmed the colors, icon styles, fonts, and textures we'd use in the design:

custom website moodboard design

A responsive WordPress website

Not only did we integrate the website into WordPress, but we designed and built it "responsively."  

Nope, not responsibly (though we did do that, too). We made it responsive.

A responsive website automatically re-sizes and rearranges itself to display appropriately no matter what device a visitor is using.

This means that visitors using desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones all see a different, custom, and easy-to-use version of the Executive Forums website:

screenshots of new Colorado website design for Executive Forums

Care to see for yourself?

If you'd like to see the full website yourself, feel free to take a look right here.

If possible, make sure you compare how the site displays on your desktop, tablet, and phone to see it automagically re-size and reposition the content to provide a better user experience.

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