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New Website Launched for a Colorado Landscaping Company

By Erin  |   Client Projects

New website design for a Colorado Landscaping Company

Earlier this winter we launched an all-new website for Hood Landscaping, one of the Colorado High Country's most trusted and beloved businesses.

Hood Landscaping has been serving the Colorado High Country and making their customers beyond delighted since 1995.

How delighted?

Let's just say nine out of every ten of their projects come from repeat or referral customers. We'd say that definitely shows they make devoted fans out of their customers!

A responsive design

We built Hood's new website "responsively."  Nope, not responsibly (though we did do that, too). Responsively.

A responsive design automatically resizes and rearranges itself to display appropriately no matter what device a visitor is using to view a website.

This means visitors using desktops, tablets, and mobile phones all see a different, custom, and easy-to-use version of the Hood Landscaping site:

responsive design across various devices

Encouraging prospective customers to take action

One of the main goals for the website set at the beginning of the project was to encourage prospective clients to reach out and schedule a complimentary consultation with Hood.  

These consultations allow Hood to:

  1. begin creating a relationship with a prospective client,
  2. showcase their expertise and knowledge of high elevation landscaping and gardening, and
  3. help prospective clients understand what their next best steps would be and how they can take them.

Accordingly, throughout the website we integrated what are called Calls To Action, or CTAs.

CTAs tell website visitors what they should do next. They guide visitors toward taking the action you want them to take.  Without CTAs, a website is little more than a dusty, likely ineffective brochure providing generic content and a dead end instead of guidance about what to do next.

In appropriate spots throughout the site we encourage viewers to take a step forward and request a consultation with Hood.  Like so:

Hood request a consultation

A few more details, a few more screenshots.

To reduce the final budget, Hood opted to move forward with a modified theme for their design.  This means that, together, we located an appropriate theme online to use as a foundation for the new website.

We re-imagined the chosen theme to fit Hood's personality, brand, color palette, and content and, after Hood provided final approval, we coded their new site from scratch.  We also integrated their site into WordPress so they'd be able to manage their content in-house moving forward.

Here are a few additional screenshots from the new Hood Landscaping website:

  • navigation dropdown
  • services index page
  • homepage closeup

Ready for the next busy season in Spring 2014

Hood's new site is ready for the upcoming 2014 Spring, when the snow in the Colorado High Country begins to melt and people begin thinking about their yards, gardens, and landscaping projects once again.

With so much quality content within their site, Hood Landscaping should be ranking well in Google for its primary keywords come Spring.

We'll be monitoring those rankings as well as the site's performance—and we're all excited to see how Hood's very first website begins contributing to the success of an already-successful, well-loved company.

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