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New Site Launch for a Breckenridge, Colorado Realtor

By Erin  |   Client Projects

Kelli Bennett, Breckenridge Realtor

Over 100 years ago (well, over 100 in website-years, each of which are equivalent to roughly 10 human years), Breckenridge real estate agent Kelli Bennett was ahead of the pack.  

In fact, Kelli was one of the earliest Breckenridge Realtors to have her own website that promoted her experience, her client's properties, and her local + area knowledge.

That was then...

At the beginning of the new millennium, the homepage of Kelli's then-cutting edge website looked like this: old website

And this is now...

Thirteen years later, Kelli's Breckenridge Real Estate website looks like this...

new site


Kelli's refreshed, modern website allows her existing and potential clients to quickly browse through not just Kelli's properties, but all properties in the Summit County MLS. Even better, the master list of properties automatically updates itself, massively reducing the amount of maintenance time required.

Advanced search and sorting functionality lets visitors zero in on the types of properties they're most interested in quickly and with minimal effort:



Interactive maps allow visitors to browse available properties visually:

interactive map


Additionally, a new blog is populated ~2 times per week with fresh new content for people interested in learning about the area, featured listings, and the unique aspects of buying and selling property in the Colorado high country: 

kelli blog

Reducing the investment

Kelli made two decisions that reduced the overall investment required for her new website.

  1. The website's design was based off of a pre-designed real estate website theme. This eliminated the need for a from-scratch, custom design.
  2. The site's design is not responsive—meaning it does not automatically resize and reconfigure itself for mobile phone and tablet visitors.

To be or not to be (responsive), that is the question

Whether a new or reworked website should be built in a responsive manner is a cost/benefit decision that business owners looking to rework their websites are now having to make (this wasn't an option 10 years ago).  

Though we encourage most clients to invest in responsive designs (based on findings about their audience/statistics), some clients do have meaningful reasons to decide otherwise.  

Whether your website should be responsive or not is a decision that should be made between you and your web company. Ask questions. Choose wisely.

Kelli's site

To see Kelli's live website, visit

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