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New Site Launch Details: American Sleep Medicine

By Erin  |   Client Projects

sleeping woman

Last month we launched a brand new website for American Sleep Medicine, which is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.  

With sleep labs located in 19 cities across 14 states (as well as plans to expand the organization and establish new centers in the near future), American Sleep Medicine is one of the largest sleep diagnostic testing companies in the U.S.

The new 41 page website was built in ExpressionEngine and boasts a peaceful new design, fresh homepage content that guides visitors deeper into the site, the ability for the client to manage all of its content in-house, and multiple calls to action about the site encouraging visitors to take their Sleep Assessment test to determine if they might need help.

Here's a glimpse at some of the behind the scenes work that went into this calming new site's design and development processes.

The "Before" Website

Outdated and amateurish, here's what American Sleep Medicine's previous website site looked like when they approached us in 2011. 

previous website

Design Inspiration

During the design exploration process, American Sleep Medicine communicated they wanted their new website to be:

  • clean without being sterile
  • neat and uncluttered
  • easy to use
  • modern
  • calm and peaceful

After receiving this input as well as conducting industry and competitor research, we developed the following color palette for the the new site's design:

color palette

Wireframe development...

After we helped American Sleep Medicine determine the best architecture and organization for their new website and before we began creating the site's actual design, we put together wireframes that mapped out the content and images that would be going into the site's main pages. (The wireframes we design for our clients act as "skeleton page layouts".  Just like sketches of stick-figure people, they're simple visual representations of complex concepts.)

Here is the wireframe we developed in mapping out the new website's homepage.

homepage wireframe

Though the final design was similar in layout, some tweaks were made during the development process after we'd fine tuned the site's new content.

Another success story...

Here's how the homepage of the new design turned out:

new homepage website design

After launch, the company's project manager, Tracey Rodgers, shared, "We couldn't be more pleased with our new website. [It's] extremely user-friendly and the best part is that we can easily maintain it in-house."

A press release announcing the site's launch was posted to PRWeb on 7/17/2012.

Note: as of 2106, this website design is no longer live.

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