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New Logo Design Completed for a Colorado Library District

By Erin  |   Followbright News

portion of the new Eagle Valley Library District logo - blue bird flying

In late 2013, the Eagle Valley Library District of Colorado hired our team of creative, expert designers to explore two possible directions for them:

  1. A modernization of their existing book-and-bird logo, and 
  2. A from-scratch, completely new, totally different logo with no resemblance to their existing logo.

After an initial exploration round in which we reviewed the Library District's favored design styles, inspiration, and examples of other library logos they admired, our designers got to work. 

Project scope: 3 concepts

The final agreed-to scope was the creation of:

  • 2 from-scratch, completely new logo concepts and
  • 1 refreshed logo concept that was a modernization of their existing logo.

The client would choose one of these 3 concepts which we would then work together to polish and finalize.

Client's requirements

The following were the priority requirements for the final logo given by the client at the project's beginning:

  1. It must be easy to read and identify, whether it was the size of a poster or a stamp.
  2. The final graphic/icon portion of the logo must be able to stand alone without the accompanying text.
  3. It must be provided in both a horizontal and a vertical layout.
  4. It must contain both a bird and book.
  5. It must contain the same blue used in their existing logo (though an accent color would be welcome as well).

The "Before" logo

Prior to working with us, the Eagle Valley Library District had been using a generic clip-art logo.

Though they loved the coloring, concept, and message behind their logo, to their dismay, they discovered that a number of other libraries across the country were using the exact same logo.

Here was the previous logo they wanted to replace:

EVLD before logo

First: The exploration of 2 new directions

First, we worked on the creation of two new, fresh original concepts that adhered to the client's 5 priority requirements (see above), including the inclusion of both a bird and book, and the inclusion of their official blue.

Here is the first concept we designed:

first new library logo concept

Here is the second new concept we designed:

second new library logo conceptNext: a refresh of their existing logo design

The library's original logo version can be seen above (see The "Before" logo section in this blog post.)

While keeping with the bird-as-book-via-one-blue-line direction of their existing clip-art logo, we worked to create something modern, simpler, and fresh.

Here was the initial reworked logo concept we presented to the client:

refreshed concept round 1Choosing 1 of the 3 directions and moving forward

After much thought and  internal discussion among the project manager and board members, the client chose to move forward with the third option: the modernized version of their existing logo.

The client then provided exceptional feedback that strengthened the original concept/direct we had presented, and allowed us to transform it into a polished, final version that they adopted.

The feedback the client presented that allowed us to improve the logo concept we'd shared included:

  1. More pages, less butt: "Sharpening" the ends of the book pages to make the blue line look more like a book and less like a .... butt.  (Yes, we're a bit embarrassed to admit the book did look a bit butt-like on the first go.)
  2. Addition of enlightenment via birds: Conforming to their existing logo's direction even more, they requested the addition of pages lifting off the book to represent enlightenment through the ascension of birds.

4 birds = no go

Though they requested flying birds in their final logo, we opted to not include 4 flying birds (like in their existing logo) as it made the logo feel cluttered.

Instead, we included just 2 birds flying to keep the logo simpler, cleaner, and more modern.

The final logo

After 2 rounds of minor polishing that included a font change, the final logo was completed and approved.

Here is the vertical version:

library logo, vertical version, final

And here is the horizontal version:

library logo, horizontal version, finalA successful project and delighted client

Board members and employees Eagle Valley Library District were over the moon with their refreshed, modernized logo.

Now, they're in the midst of the lengthy process of replacing all instances of their old logo with the new one, across all locations (both digital and print) where it's used their organization.  

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