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New ExpressionEngine Website Launched For Copper Mtn. Ski Resort Lodging Company

By Josh  |   Client Projects

Copper Mountain Condos website screenshot

In December 2015 we launched a shiny, new, fully-responsive* ExpressionEngine website for Copper Colorado Condos, a highly successful, highly respected lodging company that serves guests visiting Copper Mountain Ski Resort in Colorado.

The old website (The theme here was: simplify, simplify, simplify...)

While the company's previous website was by no means horrible, it was busy and failed to adequately serve the needs of all visitors. Copper Colorado Condos made sure their website boasted a tremendous amount of valuable content, lodging information, ways to browse available condos, blog posts, etc.  Yet with so much content, the navigation had become busy, and the sidebar content and Calls To Action competed with both the navigation and the main content.

Here is a page from the previous website:

Previous non-responsive website design

Notice the amount of buttons and links visitors needed to read through at the top of the page to determine where in the site they wanted to go. The site had begun to feel somewhat cluttered, with so much to look at on each page—too many individual elements were competing for attention with one another.

Additionally (and equally as problematic) the website was not responsive. It was exceptionally difficult for most mobile visitors to use. With mobile traffic making up an increasing amount of their site visitors, Copper Colorado Condos knew they needed to rework their site so that it was easy to use and would accommodate all visitors, whether they were arriving on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

The new website: success all around

The new Copper Colorado Condos website design takes the palette from the previous site and brightens it.  The site simplifies the content as well as the navigation across the top of the screen. It's fully mobile responsive, making it easy for visitors to use and navigate no matter what device they arrive on.

Here's a screenshot of the new homepage:

ExpressionEngine website design homepage screenshot for Copper Colorado Condos

The new site is built in the ExpressionEngine content management system, allowing the client to have complete and full control over every picture and every bit of content throughout their site.

Success all around.

Responsive website design screenshots

Care to see the  new website and website design for yourself? Visit the website now>

Or, see our ExpressionEngine services page.


* The quick and dirty definition of a responsive website is: a website that restructures and reorganizes itself based on the type of device someone is using to view the site (desktop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.). Quite simply, a responsive site intelligently auto-adjusts itself for different-sized screens.

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