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To Make Your Website More Successful, You MUST Get to The Heart of the Matter

By Erin  |   Website Improvement

Maze With Heart In The Center

If a couple is experiencing a communication breakdown, going on a vacation isn’t necessarily going to fix the relationship.

If a car’s wheels are out of alignment, giving the car a paint job isn’t going to lead to a smoother, straighter ride.

For a solution to work, it has to address the root cause of the problem.

Unfortunately, too many businesses spin their wheels implementing solutions for their websites that fix problems… but not the root cause of those problems.

Solving the wrong problems: it happens all the time with websites

Frequently, businesses approach us saying they need a new website design.

They assume a sleek new design will lead to better business and more success. This assumption is accurate—IF their current website’s design is truly what’s holding them back.

Oftentimes though, their website’s design is not the root cause of their poor results; we typically discover the real problem is something else altogether.

Here are a few root causes of website underperformance we’ve uncovered during website consulting projects. Targeting root causes like these (instead of jumping into a new website design) has enabled our clients to see the results they were after.

Underwhelming Usability
Even if a website’s design is drop-dead gorgeous, if its users (including mobile users) can’t easily navigate around and do what they want to do, a website’s effectiveness will plummet.

Problematic Programming
Sometimes websites are built poorly. And sometimes, programming and site structure fixes can lead to phenomenal results.

Online Marketing
Sometimes the website itself isn’t the problem—sometimes customers simply can’t find the website.  An amazing website redesign can be a waste of money if customers don’t know a website exists in the first place.

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Weak Content and Shallow Stories
Sometimes a website’s content fails to tell a compelling story about a business. This can cause business to be lost to competitors who do a better job of connecting with their target audiences through their content. Interestingly, we’ve found that diving in and rewriting new content doesn’t solve this problem because the writing itself isn’t the root cause of the problem. We’ve often found that having no positioning strategy is the root problem that must be addressed prior to a rewriting of content.

How can you determine your website’s root problem?

It’s tricky to pinpoint the root cause or causes of your website’s lackluster results on your own.  Usually you’re just too close to your business to be able to see things objectively.

Be careful about implementing a solution that doesn’t focus on the root cause of your website’s woes. Don’t choose the wrong fix. (And believe us, investing solely in website design improvements may not deliver the results you’re hoping for.)

Talk with our web consultants to identify the real issues hurting your website. Whether it’s design, marketing, messaging, coding, usability, or content, we’ll help you get to the heart of the matter so that the solution implemented targets your website’s root problems.

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