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Make Your YouTube Videos Work Harder For You

By Erin  |   Business Website Tips

YouTube logo

It’s time to make YouTube videos (both yours and others’!) work harder for you. It’s easy to do, so long as you have the right tool.

Enter LinkedTube, a simple Flash widget tool that helps you turn YouTube videos into valuable social sharing and viral promotional tools by allowing you to…

  • create video product listings that link directly to your site’s shopping cart.
  • create music video links that take people directly to the iTunes store.
  • add a link in your videos that simply takes people straight to your blog.
  • find videos on YouTube that others have made and create links embedded in buttons at the top of the videos with the URL(s) of your choice.

LinkedTube makes all the tasks above simple and straightforward.

Check out the official LinkedTube page (with the 3:19 intro video) here: and, if you’d like to read through some people’s comments on, thoughts about, and experiences using LinkedTube, have a look at Tiffany Dow’s LinkedTube blog post.


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