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It’s Fun Seeing Old Work Pop Up When You’re Not Expecting It…

By Erin  |   Followbright News

Paparedelle's Pasta logo

A few weeks ago I found myself down in Boulder, CO for an appointment. After the appointment, I figured I'd swing by (one of Boulder's) Whole Foods to grab a bite to eat.

I walked in and was immediately overwhelmed by how incredible, expansive, and indulgently over-the-top the store was. The store had more varieties of apples than my local grocery store has varieties of ALL fruit.

I found myself wandering up and down the aisles, completely losing track of time. (Just as it's done in casinos, I've actually read the designers of Whole Foods stores specifically lay out the interiors to pull people in, compel them to wander, and unconsciously spend more than they'd planned.)

Oh, what's this?

At one point I turned the corner and headed down a new aisle. Glancing to the right, I stopped. I found myself looking at this:

pasta packages on the shelf(Well, in reality it looked a bit like this. It didn't actually look this dark. Alas, my Android's fancy camera settings are no match for Instagram.)

I stopped and looked a bit closer. I saw:

papardelles pasta packages on the shelf at Whole Foods in Boulder, Colorado

"How fun!" I thought to myself. Seeing these packages lined up in Whole Foods' gourmet pasta section brought a smile to my face. Followbright worked with Pappardelle's Pasta of Denver, designing their company logo, nearly a decade ago.

They're a high-end, specialty food company, so their products aren't sold in small stores up the high country where we're located, and I'd not come across their products while down in Denver for meetings over the past several years. 

Wrapping it up

Coming across creative work in a great location that you completed for a client long ago, when you least expect, is a lovely surprise indeed.

Just as importantly, though, if you're a pasta lover, you MUST try Pappardelle's products. I kid you not; they're exceptional. Make sure you take a moment to browse their site and pick up a goodie for yourself.

And I definitely think you deserve a goodie today.

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