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Is Your Website’s Copy Flying Over Your Customers’ Heads?

By Erin  |   Website Copywriting

Man sitting on floor working on laptop computer, very confused

If you have a business website, blog, or email newsletter, consider giving your copy a quick pass through this Readability Tool.  This simple tool measures how easily people can understand your writing.

Why should you care?

One, because your copy’s readability can affect your sales and two, because it turns out people may understand a lot less than you think.

My writing isn’t complicated. Right?

The majority of people in the United States read at an eighth-grade level or below. That’s a pretty low level and, depending on the types of people you serve, it means that some of what you’re writing may not be getting through to your potential and existing customers. Furthermore, studies have shown that, oftentimes, those who read at higher levels actually respond better to simpler phrasing as well!

You’ve worked hard. Don’t blow it.

You’ve spent money and time on your website. You’ve put so much effort into your marketing. And you know what? You’ve done a great job!

So don’t lose sales simply because your selling points are flying right over your readers’ heads. Next time you need to make a point really hit home, use the Readability Tool to guide you toward clearer, more direct, simpler writing.

Interested in using a tool that provides more detailed feedback or that can scan an entire webpage at once? Visit instead.

Care to learn more about the importance of readability on the web? Here’s a very fun blog post in which the author checked out the readability of text used in the Colorado State Governor’s website. (Before you check out the article, take a guess as to what the site’s readability was like!)

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