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Is Your Website Homepage Making One of These 2 Mistakes?

By Erin  |   Business Website Tips | Website Improvement

Small Hero Stops a Precarious Step

Don’t risk losing business by allowing either of these 2 common—but typically very harmful—problems to happen to your homepage.

Both mistakes are fixable, and fixing them can pay off in substantial rewards, such as increasing the percentage of visitors who delve deeper into your website to learn about your business instead of leaving before they look further.

Is your website making either of these 2 mistakes?

1. Slow to load   

A slow loading website: no surprises here, it’s frustrating for your visitors. It makes a bad first impression. Most potential clients don’t have the time or patience. And they won’t wait.

This mistake we’re sharing isn’t some pet peeve of ours—it’s been proven repeatedly to be a harmful mistake that seriously, negatively impacts websites.  See the facts about how loading time affects your bottom line and learn whether your site is considered fast-loading or slow-loading right here.

2. Automated audio

Audio (whether music or voice) that auto-loads the moment visitors land on your home page is a no-no.

Startling or embarrassing your prospective clients (who may be at work or in a quiet or public place) does not make for good first impressions.

No surprises here.

But here IS a surprise.

While auto-playing audio can be a tremendous frustration for website visitors, we have a juicy super-tip of the day: Sometimes, silent autoplay of videos can result in big success. The technique is used by a number of highly successful sites and, when used at exactly the right time, can increase conversions and make your homepage far more effective.  Use carefully though. Read more about this here.

And there you have it—short and sweet today, folks.  See you next week!

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