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Is Your Ecommerce Website Making This Critical Mistake?

By Josh  |   Business Website Tips


In the past, we shared an interesting tactic for making your Ecommerce website's visitors happier. Today we're sharing a critical Ecommerce mistake you need to avoid.

So let's get right to it. Here's the mistake. 

If your Ecommerce website is making your visitors work to read your products' descriptions, you could very well be reducing the revenue you generate from your online store.

Big product photos and hard-to-miss buttons that allow your visitors to add products to their shopping carts are key for converting site visitors into buyers—but so are product descriptions. Hide these from your website's visitors and you're reducing their ability to feel confidence and clarity in what they're buying.

Would you purchase a new vitamin online if you can't find details about what it will actually do for you?  Would you purchase a salsa online if you can't determine out how hot it's going to be or whether it contains an allergen you react to?  Would you purchase a new face wash online if you can't locate info on whether it's appropriate for your skin type?  

Here are a couple examples to illustrate the widespread problem of burying product descriptions:

Example #1:

Looking for information that describes this calcium supplement?  You'll have to look below the product and click a specific tab (that doesn't stand out from the rest of the page's clutter and is very easy to miss) in order to learn more.

Want to compare this to another product? You'll need to visit all the other product pages, then click the tab lower on those pages to find the information you need. 

screenshot of Ecommerce website with difficult to see product description

Example #2:

In the screenshot below, the part of the page that is darkened is what most people *won't* see if they arrive at this product page on a desktop or laptop—unless they scroll.  

This means that it is essentially impossible to learn about a product at unless you scroll down lower on a product page after you've arrived.  In other words -- you have to do work each time you simply want to gain a basic understanding of a product. (In the meantime, when you arrive at a product page, you do see an endless number of elements competing for your attention, such as buttons, colors, instructions, bold CTAs, small text, stars, social media buttons, etc.)

website screenshot with difficult to find product description

Burying product details means you're hiding away the exact information your potential buyers need to feel confident in making a purchase.  It also means you're drastically increasing the amount of time you're requiring your website's visitors to take to compare various products against one another.

How does your Ecommerce website stack up?

Take a look at your Ecommerce website. Is either a product summary or a full description clearly presented near the top of your product pages, or are you hurting your sales by hiding that information away?

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