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In Today’s Post, We’re Actually Not Going to Focus on Websites At All.

By Erin  |   Followbright News

chlorine nucleus

Websites all day, every day. That’s our life here at Followbright. (And I'd say it's a pretty sweet life.)

New websites, WordPress websites, website copywriting, website consulting, website improvements, websites websites websites websites websites.

(And on the VERY BEST days, there’s also the occasional vegan, sugar free, dairy free, corn free, soy free, gluten free raspberry cheesecake or the even rarer vegan, sugar free, dairy free, corn free, gluten free peanut butter chocolatey crisp truffles.)

No surprises here: talk to us and we’ll say websites are important. Very important.

And they are. Sometimes. 

In reality though, everything's relative, and everything comes back to perspective.

Late last week my perspective was happily shaken up when I had a look at this interactive wonder.

Sometimes we get stuck in habitual thought patterns and daily routines, so today I’m sharing a simple way for you to engage in a perspective shift. No tips or tricks or industry news or case studies today.

This may be something unexpected from a blog focused on the topic of making websites better, but hopefully today’s field trip away from websites serves as an interesting surprise that reminds us of this: what we focus on is incredibly important and incredibly unimportant at the very same time. 

Oh, and make sure you SCROLL SLOWLY

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