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How To Make Good Content Even Better

By Erin  |   Website Copywriting

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The fact that your website’s copy is fantastic doesn’t guarantee that your visitors read it.

Though your copy may be useful, effective, and persuasive when read from start to finish, it’s likely not living up to its potential if it doesn’t respect a basic web truth: For the most part, when reviewing information on the web, people do not read. They skim.

As much as you may love those long, detail-rich paragraphs expounding the wonders of your many qualifications and accomplishments, most people have neither the time nor patience to read through them. It’s true. Believe it.

Help your website visitors read your copy

Your website copy can’t do its job unless your visitors read it.  So let’s make sure your visitors read it.  Here’s a simple tip to follow:

Format your text so it’s as easy as possible for site visitors to skim through it by chunking it up.

Your site’s visitors can’t be influenced by text they don’t read, and if your site’s text is displayed in looooooong paragraphs with few headlines, I guarantee a substantial portion of your visitors aren’t reading much of it .

So consider setting aside a small bit of time to review your website’s copy and, if it’s a bit on the wordy side or if it’s displayed in massive paragraphs, chunk it up to increase the likelihood of it being read.

  • Break up large paragraphs into shorter, more concise paragraphs. We want bite-sized portions of content.
  • Use lots of headlines above areas of text that let your visitors know what that text focuses on.
  • Take those long lists of accreditations, clients, or products and arrange them in easy-to-skim-through bulleted lists (like this one!)
  • Bold and italicize your most important points. If a visitor didn’t read all the text on one of your pages but instead skimmed through the bold words, could he get the gist of what you're saying?

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