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How to Gain More Influence Over Your Customers’ Purchasing Decisions

By Erin  |   Business Website Tips | Online Marketing

purse losing money

Just imagine for a moment...

What if you could increase the impact you have on your prospects' and customers' purchasing behaviors?

Stop imagining. You can.

You can. But how?

We've touched upon many ways in which blogging can have a powerful, direct impact on your traffic, leads, and sales. Yet we've never reviewed how blogging can directly impact purchasing decisions.

Let's take a quick look to add fuel to your blogging-desire fire.

blogging influences customer purchasing behaviors

It's true.
Prospects and customers are influenced by blogs.  

Translation: To have more influence over your customers' purchasing decisions, take advantage of your blog.  (And if you don't have one, it may be time to start considering one as part of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy.)

In the bar graph above showing Jupiter Research's data, we see blogs have an influence on...

  • 21% of customers when it comes to deciding on which purchase to make
  • 19% of customers when it comes to refining their purchase choices
  • 19% of customers when it comes to obtaining support and/or answers about their purchases
  • 17% of customers when it comes to discovering brand new options to purchase
  • 14% of customers when it comes to feeling assured that they're making the right decision
  • 13% of customers when it comes to inspiring a new purchase
  • 7% of customers when it comes to finally executing a purchase

Mountains of data continue to prove that blogging is a powerful component of successful online marketing strategies. If you're serious about increasing the traffic, leads, and sales generated by your website, you'd be wise to give consideration to the data and proof surrounding blogging for your business.

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