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How To Ensure You’re Happier And More Confident About Your Website

By Erin  |   Business Website Tips

80/20 Pie Chart

Our passion here at Followbright is continual improvement. We prefer to focus on ongoing progress, not perfection. After all, perfection is impossible. 

Websites, just like people, are processes, not things. They always have the exciting potential to grow, improve, and perform better.

The never-ending website launch

We once had a client for whom we designed and built a beautiful website. A week prior to their scheduled website launch the client determined they were going to hold another internal round of reviews in hopes of fixing and improving parts of the website that weren't "exactly perfect."

The client tweaked, fiddled, changed words here and there, swapped out photos, rewrote bios. They decided to add new pages, then removed others. They bumped up the brightness of the blue in the sidebar, and decreased the darkness of the gray text in the footer ever so slightly.

And on and on and over and over again. The site was never perfect. It was always almost perfect. 

The site launched eight months late, and the client still wasn't 100% happy with it.

Horizons always move back 

When clients strive for perfection or near perfection in their websites, they find themselves eternally disappointed. They aim for their vision of success that's always sitting on the horizon.

Problem is, horizons can never be reached. No matter how quickly you move toward them, they move away from you with just as much speed.  

A powerful, different kind of 80% Rule

Last year I learned about a powerful 80% Rule. It directly applies to website projects and encourages a mindset we like to share with our clients.

The Rule goes something like this:

No matter how long you take with a first effort, you'll be about 80% happy when you're done.

This Rule is especially applicable for perfectionists and those who tend to hold themselves and those around them to exceedingly high standards.

Writing a speech? You'll be about 80% satisfied with your first effort whether you prepare for 2 weeks or 2 months.

Same typically goes for other efforts or creations you work on, such as blog posts, important emails, athletic efforts, paintings, designs, etc.

Depending on the task, even if you take up to 10x as long to complete it—you'll still likely be about 80% satisfied with that first attempt.

Apply this to your next website project

Your website will always need tweaking, and there will always be things that aren't quite right with it. (Trust us, we know this from working on our own site!)

Invest your time and money into a strategic and smart first effort. Then polish once, and launch. After launch, focus on continual improvement

Take a breath after completing that first effort, and when you're ready, get back to work on a round of improving what can be improved. You'll likely be 80% happy with that effort as well.

Continue the process.
You'll make ongoing progress.
Your confidence and happiness will increase.
Your impossible expectations will melt away.

If you don't apply the 80% Rule to your website project, you'll undoubtedly cause significant delays in your launch, and you'll all but guarantee dissatisfaction—simply because you're looking for an elusive amount (90%, 95% or 100%) of satisfaction.

Websites usually just don't work that way. Use the 80% Rule.

Bonus tip:

Apply the 80% Rule to other areas of your life outside of websites, and watch your overall stress decrease while your satisfaction and confidence soar.

Try it. You'll love it.

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