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Be More Productive and Reduce Stress At the Same Time? You Can. Learn How.

By Erin  |   How To

Checklist of tasks for productivity

One of my favorite aspects of doing the work I do is getting to collaborate with and help solve the challenges of people across a wide variety of industries.

Interestingly enough, no matter what industry a client works in, I've noticed that stress, feeling "eternally too busy" and even more stress are constant and pervasive.  

Whether clients are in the yoga industry or home building industry, the world of education or the world of massages and spas, they still regularly share comments like...

"I stayed at work until 11pm last night and am absolutely exhausted today..."

"My kids were sick all last week, so I'm behind and feel like I can't keep up..."

"I've worked ten days straight without a break and feel like I'm going to crack..."

"I haven't taken a real vacation in over five years. I just can't do it..."

It's sad.  It's sad we live in a world where emails, chat, texting, and cell phones boost our productivity and create time and space—yet so many of us perceive that open time and space as a void, a void we feel like we need to fill with even more work and productivity.

More, more more.

This, dear friends, is exactly why I'm (strongly) encouraging you to take 5 minutes of your day (or evening) and read this fascinating, enlightening, and inspiring NY Times article. It shares an insight into productivity that will short circuit many people's brains. I can hear the reactions to the research and the premise now...

"That's too good to be true..."

"There's no way it would work for me or anyone at my company..."

"Maybe I'll start thinking that way after my workload dies down a bit more..."

But just stop for a moment. Just for a moment.  

Reduce that iron grip on your beliefs about productivity, and keep an open mind as you read the article. Do so and you'll be pleasantly surprised, if not newly optimistic. Put the recommendations into action and you may be even more so.

Reduce stress, increase relaxation, and boost productivity all at once? 

It's possible, everyone. There's proof.

Enjoy the good news right now.


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